Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 13:59:15 -0800
From: Seizo Sakurai
Subject: [climbing 2224] Re: climbing gym list

Hi all,

The attached is a list of gyms in bay area which
you might want to check when you come to the area for
business trip or something.

Pacific Edge is not in bay area/silicon valley, but
it is such a nice gym, I am adding it in the list.


City Rock Gym
*address: 1250-45th st. #450 Emoryville, CA 94608
*phone: (510) 654-2510
*day pass: $14.00

1)Web home page:
Mission Cliffs
*address: 2295 Harison st. San Francisco, CA 94110
*phone: (415) 550-0115
*day pass: $12.00

1)WEB home page:
2)20 minutes drive from San Francisco airport.
Pacific Edge
*address: 104 Bronson st. Santa Cruz, CA 95062
*phone: (408) 454-9254
*day pass: $12.00
Planet Granite
*address: 2901 Mead Ave. Santa Clara, CA 95051
*phone: (408) 727-2777
*day pass: $14.00

1)WEB home page:
2)20 minutes drive from San Jose airport.
Twisters Rock Gym
*address: 2639 Terminal Blvd Mt.View CA 94041
*phone: 1-(800)-77-TWISTERS
*day pass: $8.00

1)A small climbing gym with a pretty good
bouldering room. Often very quiet, you can use
the main climbing room to boulder.
2)5 minutes drive/walk from Sun/SGI/Adobe Mt.View campus.

Other Climbing Gyms in U.S.A.

[Copyright (c) 1996 by Seizo Sakurai]